Cisco – IoT Fundamentals: Big Data & Analytics

Add skills in the growing field of collecting and analyzing big data. This highly hands-on course introduces how to use Python data libraries to create a pipeline to acquire, transform and visualize data collected from IoT sensors and machines.

Big Data = Game-changing Insights

Architectures and processes of the past are making way for more modern, real-time applications thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) systems and the data they collect. Dynamic data platforms are being built, and our ability to extract data using the latest analytics techniques is growing. So why not gain an edge and increase your employability by learning new skills? Skills such as collecting, storing, and visualizing data obtained from IoT sensors are in high demand. Be one of the few who know how to use data analytics to gain amazing insights from the intelligence produced. Insights that can help businesses make more-informed decisions. Prerequisite: IoT Fundamentals: Connecting Things is recommended.

You’ll Learn These Core Skills:

  • Use Python to create code that reads data from sensors and stores it in a SQL database.
  • Visualize, clean, manipulate and integrate data sets.
  • Learn fundamental principles of Big Data platforms like Hadoop.
  • Use storytelling to present insights gained from extracted data.

Lingue: Inglese

Ore di studio: 50

Livello: Intermediate

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