Cisco – IoT Fundamentals: Hackathon Playbook

Practice design thinking through a hands-on project.

Gain Portfolio-ready Experience Solving a Real-world Problem

After you’ve completed Connecting Things or Big Data & Analytics, it’s time to create your own IoT solution using your new skills. Here you’ll form a Hackathon team and use professional tools and templates to define, design, and prototype an IoT solution. What really dials up the heat is that your team’s project will find a new way to solve a real-world problem! Not only will you prototype an IoT solution, but you’ll also learn how to present it to a panel of industry experts and peers! Prerequisite IoT Fundamentals: Connecting Things and/or Big Data & Analytics is recommended.

You’ll Learn These Core Skills:

  • Identify a problem, create a design, then plan for an IoT solution.
  • Develop a prototype of an IoT solution.
  • Test and validate your prototype.
  • Present IoT concept and solution to experts.

Lingue: Inglese

Ore di studio: 30

Livello: Intermediate

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