Cisco – CLA: Programming Essentials in C

This beginner course introduces the the universal concepts of computer programming using the C language, and teaches the syntax, semantics, and data types of the C language. Develop overarching fundamentals for all programming languages. Practice your skills through hands-on labs and write your own programs.

Build Transferable Skills

The ever-popular C programming language is considered one of the best “first” languages to learn. It’s proven itself for more than 40 years as the absolute essential for entry-level and software development jobs. Known for building operating systems and tens of thousands of applications, it continues to earn new devotees due to its fast and portable nature. Become a devotee yourself, and enjoy the rewards it brings! Designed for beginners, no prior programming knowledge required. See more about the C Programming Language Certified Associate Certification (CLA).

You’ll Learn These Core Skills:

  • Understand common computer programming concepts and write your own programs.
  • Learn the syntax, semantics and basic data types of C.
  • Apply programming skills using hands-on lab activities.
  • Prepare for the C Programming Language Certified Associate Certification (CLA).

Lingue: Inglese

Ore di studio: 70

Livello: Intermediate

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